Anastacia Brewer

Creative Director & Designer

Let’s Make A

Brand Identity that tells your story

Organization at its finest! All of file types to be used on different platforms and media! Everything from icons, to billboard signage, to pens and social media icons, its covered here. The best part is you can hand it to any designer in the future as a complete branding guide!

"We Love it!

…This logo is perfect for us.”

User Interface

Through user research, rapid prototyping, and iteration we can develop a UI that shows developers expected behaviors and provide them with valuable design assets and css ( thank you adobe XD)

A Multi-Media Project

Behind the lens and in the editing room is truly where my love of the arts started. I attended school specializing in industrial scientific photography (the cool stuff) and commercial advertising ( the more dry stuff) but combined, these skill sets can create very unique and desirable effects!


“the idea is not to live forever but to create something that will”


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Adobe XD




Tech Start-Up "Seasoned"


Ocean Swimming




Engineering Communincation